Monday, 3 March 2008


I've been flogging my writing wares on Elance for over a year now and I've lost count of how many PLR packages I've been asked to rewrite - it can be quite soul destroying.

So, I've decided a metamorphosis from poacher to game keeper is required. I will putting together my own PLR packages on the following topics:

Pregnancy and Childbirth
Women's Sexual Health

As a Registered Midwife, my articles are guaranteed to be well-informed, authoritative, and accurate. As a writer, I know about keywords, SEO, and not stuffing!

Because I don't want you to serve up the same content as every other site, my articles will be limited to 50 sales before being binned. Each pack will contain 20 to 25 themed articles.

Can you afford to miss out?

No, course you can't. Get in touch with me now while I'm in the process of writing the packages and you could have a personalized pack!